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Who We Are

Making a Difference for Patients, Providers and Innovators

Alterra Medical is a world-class medical device company with deep experience and proven success in catalyzing, capitalizing and commercializing medical devices. We partner with innovators throughout the entire product lifecycle – from ideation and concept feasibility to case validation and national distribution by our clinically-trained sales team.


How We Make a Difference


Reducing Risk At Every Phase of Development

Alterra operates within a unique ecosystem of sister companies that offer expertise at each step of the product development timeline. Working together, we can help fund, de-risk, and commercialize your device.


Ensuring access to capital through both venture funding and investment banking services



Selection of target market(s) and indication(s), strategic marketing, and value-add advisory


clinical validation

Clinical study design from both physician and payer perspectives 

clinical validation

FDA clearance

Regulatory pathway selection and guidance with proper vetting of claims

fda clearance

Successful market penetration through validated sales and distribution channels



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Offers seed-to-exit consulting services to medical device enterprises, including investment banking, payer perspectives and reimbursement advisory

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Invests in early-stage biotech and life science companies, providing inflection capital to companies at the critical development stages of innovation, or strategic capital to those in need of value-add advisory or management support 

Consulting Services


Advising innovators on the journey from innovation to market adoption with voice-of-customer research, KOL engagement and critical clinical validation studies

Strategic management

Providing hands-on execution support, from channel and distributor management to national GPO contracting

sales & distribution

Helping companies scale through case support and focused commercialization efforts, both in the U.S. and in key international markets 


370 S 300 E | Salt Lake City, UT | 84111



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