The DV8 Retractor 

The DV8 Retractor, an inflatable balloon retractor created by Manual Surgical Sciences, is used clinically for retraction of organs such as the esophagus.

The DV8 esophageal retractor offers physicians the opportunity to easily and temporarily re-orient the course of the esophagus to increase its distance from the site energy delivery.


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Hypoallergenic foam core and elastic fabric designed for patient comfort 

Contrast Port (deflection indicator)

Inflation Port (via 3-way stopcock)

Supplied non-sterile - Class 1 Device


Balloon Length (cm) 15.0

Offset (cm) 7.5

Balloon Diameter (mm) 14.0

Overall Catheter Length (cm) 61.0

Inflation Pressure (Max) (ATM) 16.0