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HIS-RV™ Catheters

Advantages of the HIS-RV™ Catheters

  • Simultaneous HIS and RVA Recording with a single catheter

  • Decapolar catheters with 4 distal electrodes for the RVA and 6 proximal for the HIS

  • Pace the RVA and record the retrograde AV node activation with a single catheter

  • Achieve simplified, more cost-effective procedures

  • With the superior shaft construction, maintains stable curve and shaft performance


HIS-RV Catheter Specifications:

  • 5F or 6F

  • 120cm length

  • 10 electrodes

  • Four distal (RVA) with six proximal (HIS area)

  • Variable gap between HIS and RV: 20, 23, 24 and 29mm

  • MPA Curve

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