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Alterra Medical Supplier Pressure Products Is Raising The Bar For Transseptal Procedures

Accessing the left side of heart is a difficult, but required task for a number of life saving procedures. Since its advent in the 1950’s, transseptal puncture has been the standard for left heart access; however, tools and techniques used in transseptal procedures have been the the recipient of little to no true innovation since since Brockenbrough’s needle in 1962, and crossing the interatrial septum is still a stressful procedure for physicians because of the serious and potential fatally complications like inadvertent pericardial or aortic puncture.

Pressure Products SafeSept Needle Free GuideWire (SSNF) represents a

major breakthrough in transseptal puncture procedures. SSNF's novel design enables safe crossing of the interatrial septum at the fossa ovalis while eliminating the risk of inadvertent puncture. The very sharp tip of the SSNF easily perforates and crosses the fossa. Unsupported by the dilator and sheath, the tip of the guidewire assumes a ‘J’ shape, rendering it incapable of further tissue penetration. Once the wire has crossed it can then become an atraumatic full ‘rail’ for exchanges if needed.

"It adds an extra layer of safety to my transseptals," said Dr. Sameer Satija from Northwest Medical Center in Margate, Florida. "SafeSept has made the procedure absolutely tensionless. It truly is something all EP's should have in their toolkit."

Pressure Product's SSNF - distributed by Alterra Medical - is an ‘All-in-one’ wire that is already being used successfully for A-fib, VT, Mitral-clip, and Left Atrial Appendage Closure procedures in hospitals across the country.

About Alterra Medical: Alterra Medical is a Salt Lake City-based medical device company that specializes in sales & distribution, management consulting services, and proprietary product development. Alterra's team of clinically trained experts are focused on making innovative technologies in the field of EP and cardiology readily available where they can truly make an impact.

About Pressure Products: Pressure Products was founded by Dr. Paul Kurth and Dr. Bruce Goldreyer in 1987 to meet cardiac catheterization needs. It now offers a complete line of vascular access and lead delivery systems and accessories.


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