SafeSept Needle Free Transseptal GuideWire 

A safe and simple solution for transseptal access


Crossing the interatrial septum at the fossa ovalis is the most common method of accessing the left heart for a number of procedures. Despite being a routine part of EP and interventional cardiology, transseptal crossing still requires multiple steps and carries the added risk of inadvertent puncture. The SafeSept Needle Free (SSNF)  offers effortless crossing of the septum even in difficult cases and, once the guide wire is in place in the LA, it also serves as a fully atraumatic rail for exchanges.  

Smooth, consistent motion eliminates the "jumping effect" often associated with crossing the fossa ovalis 

Easily visualized under fluoro, echo, and mapping systems prior to introducer advancement

85% less force to cross than a standard transseptal needle

Exchange length eliminates the need for guidewire exchange 


How It Works

The GuideWrie tip straightener is used to straighten the SSNF so that it can be easily advanced into the transseptal dilator

Using the reference markers on the GuideWire, it is advanced to the tented fossa

Upon crossing the fossa, the GuideWire tip is no longer supported by the dilator and assumes a "J" shape that causes it to become completely atraumatic

Once in the LA, the SSNF is advanced to the next proximal marker, indicating that the SSNF is ready to be used as a full rail for exchanges

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